Krzysztof Rembisz better known by friends and colleagues as “Chris” has always had the mind set to succeed in life. It goes back to when his parents left Poland in the early 1980’s and wanted a better life for their family. Not knowing a word of English and only having a few dollars in their pockets they started life in Canada. The virtues and hard work that his mother and father have showed have been passed down to Chris. Now being a father and husband himself the same virtues of hard work and the willingness to succeed in life will be passed on.

Chris has always had a thirst for knowledge. Doing programs that would help him grow to be a better person as well as a better professional. Spending time in seminars, reading books and industry articles to make himself well versed and be able to assess and personalize individual needs relative to the lifestyle demands of his clientele.

In his spare time Chris choose to follow in his father’s cycling and racing path. Chris raced road and mountain bikes across Ontario. From 24hr mountain bike races to local Sunday rides with a cycling club. He has enjoyed his time on the bicycle as well as fixing them. His passion for the mechanics of the bicycle had made him always want to learn more, especially with the changes in technology. In 2011 he helped a great friend and colleague Petrina Tulissi, organize and promote a charity bicycle ride through Hockley Valley to promote the awareness for Prostate Cancer . A cause that touched close to home as a long time friend and co-worker was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Chris wanted to help promote the word as well as get support for a great benefit.

"I have had the distinct pleasure of dealing with Chris for over 10 years. During this period Chris has shown an unwavering commitment to client service, providing expert unbiased advice and putting my interests first. Chris is a motivated and mature professional focused on building long term relationships. I have no hesitation in referring Chris to family, friends and business colleagues."
(John Godbout, Business Initiatives & Strategy, HSBC Securities (Canada) Inc.)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Rembisz over the past 4 years and his sunny disposition and positive attitude are infectious. Rembisz excels in customer service. His experience in the retail sector has taught him how to listen to his clients and provide them with product that will best suit their needs, it is the reason that people return to work with him. He takes the time to understand the needs of the client and fulfill them successfully while exceeding expectation. I have no doubt that working with real estate agent Chris Rembisz will result in a positive experience."
Petrina Tulissi, Founder, the Cycling Centre

"We had the pleasure of dealing with chris for the sale of our Oakville home and purchase of our home in Toronto. Chris' professionalism, integrity, value-add and personal touch made this experience smooth and memorable. For those of us who believe Real Estate professionals do not add much value, they have not experienced partnering with someone like Chris. Chris thank you for everything you have done. I will refer you to friends and family in a heart beat!"
Celine and Ali


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